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When Should You See Your Gynecologist

It is important to learn what a gynaecologist does, so that you can be clear about when you need to see one. There are good reasons to see one for checkups, but there are also time when your body behaves in certain ways, that will make you need to see one!

A gynaecologist in basic terms is a doctor, a doctor who specialises in women’s reproductive health!

Given that every woman is different, the frequency that you will need to see a gynae depends on your life and the problems that you have, however there is a certain age when women are encouraged to start consulting with a gynecologist.

Regular Gynecologist Visits

Confused about when you are supposed to seek the services and expertise of a gynecologist? Follow these guidelines:

  • First visit – a woman who is sexually active should definitely see a gynae, if not right away, at least within the first 3 years of being active! For those women who are saving themselves for marriage (which is great by the way!), they should still see a gynae when they hit 21 years.
  • Return visits – It is recommended that a woman should see a gynae at least once every year. If you are thinking about having a baby or there are other problems that you are dealing with, then your visits should be more frequent!
  • Last visits – A woman is encouraged seeing a gynecologist  even after menopause. This is just to make sure that there are no health issues to worry about!

Other Times to See a Gynecologist

There will be times when you need to see a gynae more than the recommend once a year. This could be because you have issues with your health that you are worried about, such as pain in the vaginal area, irregular menstrual cycle, discharges that you do not understand and things as those.

Period changes – When your period completely stops or starts doing some funny things, you should see a gynecologist. just to be on the safe side!

Menopause – menopause can be a challenging time for women, so a trip to the gynae can help understand better what is happening with your body.

Irregular bleeding – if you experience bleeding that you don’t understand like when you are having sex, then you should definitely see a doctor.

Pain or Discomfort  – Pain is definitely something that you should attend to asap!

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Reasons for you to See a Gynecologist as Soon as Possible

A lot of women have a need to see their gynecologists for the yearly exams, for the most part. Others of course go there just to have their monthly doze of birth control. But there are some women issues that should get the attention of a gynecologist as soon as possible. There are certain women reproductive issues that should never be just pushed to the side, because it is important to find out what the matter is and to get treatment for it.

So, here are some issues that should make you want to see a gynecologist soon:

1. You Have Terrible Painful Blisters On Your Private Parts

If you ever experience something like this, it is better to consult with a doctor as soon as you are aware of it. This could be really serious, as it could be something serious like herpes. Herpes is serious, and it should be attended to, quickly. There is a medical test that doctors do that can determine if one has herpes, and of course the sooner you know, the better because you can start taking medicine for it, and you can be well again.

2. You Bleeding Too Much During Menstruation

If your menstrual flow is too heavy, then there could be an issue. Of course, when they start they start a bit slow, and then they pick up on day 2, that’s normal. But if the flow is so heavy that you are going through a couple of sanitary pads or tampons in a short space of time, then that is not normal. This could be really serious, as it could be spelling that you have anemia or something.

3. Sudden and Extreme Belly Pain

Sudden and severe pain in the stomach is definitely a sign that there is something wrong. Women who suffer from an ectopic pregnancy and who have it go wrong can feel a sharp pain in their belly. This could indicate complications or that there was a rupture that occurred. It is crucial to see a gynecologist as soon as possible, because this will also affect the fallopian in a big way, causing it to fill up with some blood. Most often than not, a woman might find that she has to have surgery to sort this out, so a consultation with a gynecologist is most urgent.

4. Bleeding After Menopause

Menopause really means that you have passed the stage of having your menstrual periods, so bleeding after you have been through menopause is definitely a concern. The bleeding is the body telling you that there is something wrong. It is possible that the bleeding is caused by cancer, or it could be as a result of hyperplasia. The only way of knowing and to have your mind at ease instead of worrying, is to go to a doctor and know what it is, so that you can get the treatment for it.

5. Finding a Lump in Your Breast

I am sure by now you know just  how important those self breast exams are. If you do find a lump during that self exam, you must see a gynecologist asap. Sometimes, you might not exactly find a lump, you might see other things happening that are out of the ordinary, like your nipples giving off some sort of fluid discharge. Again, this could be a sign of cancer, breast cancer, and you should organize to see a gynecologist right away.

When it comes to medical conditions, it matters a lot when they are detected, because that can change the cause of the treatment and just how successful the treatment that is chosen is.

So, do not hesitate to consult a gynecologist anywhere in South Africa, in the different places, so that you can get the treatment that you need.