Female Gynecologist in Cape Town

DR. Carol Thomas
Room 301 Library Square Building, 1 Wilderness Road, Claremont, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 671 1738

Dr Suretha Bester
C1 10 Netcare Blaawberg hospital Waterville Crescent Sunningdale 7441
Tel: 021 554 5980

Certain women are more comfortable seeing other women for their health problems, and this is certainly true when it comes to women who strictly are looking for female gynaecologist.

They want to see one of their own, who can relate to the issues that they are going through and the health problems that they may encounter as women.

Female gynecologists in Cape Town do not come in droves however, the four that we found should be able to help you gt started.

Do you need to see a gynecologist in Cape Town ?

Women issues such as menopause,birth control and others, all it takes to get help with these issues is to go to your normal gp to get assistance.

However, there are times when a woman must see a gynecologist, and it is important that a woman knows the circumstances that need the specialization of a gynae.

When it comes to your everyday issues, such as you needing advice about birth control or you need answers about your periods or something to do with menopause and the issues surrounding that, your general doctor will be more than able to help you. In fact, he/she will even be able to do screenings for sexually transmitted infections as well breast exams, which are very important for early detection of cancer.

A gynecologist looks at everything regarding women reproductive health that is above what a general doctor can deal with. For example, upon doing an exam with your general doctor, he/she may refer you to a gynecologist if something unusual or concerning was picked up.

Gynecologists are really specialists when it comes to women reproductive health, and I hope this list of female gynecologists Cape Town will get you started on finding a great gynecologist.


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