Gynecologist in Pretoria

Looking for gynecologist in Pretoria?

Below is a list of the gynaecologists in Pretoria:
Dr OO Ogunnaike
012 797 8029
Suite 3 8560 Unit M Legae Medi-Clinic Mabopane

Dr AT Matlala
012 797 8050
Suite 7 Legae Medi-Clinic 8560 Unit M Mabopane 0190

Dr KA Okanlomo
012 797 8056
Suite 9 Legae Medi-Clinic 8560 Unit M Mabopane 0190

Dr ET Mokgokong
012 702 4794 / 7946
Suite 14 2nd Level Legae Medi-Clinic 8560 Unit M Mabopane 0190

Dr A Lehapa
012 797 8066
Suite 20 Legae Medi-Clinic 8560 Unit M Mabopane 0190

Dr R Mogotlane
012 320 4227
Suite 505 Medforum Medi-clinic 412 Schoeman Sunnyside

Dr MP Matlala
012 549 3108
Suite 110 Akasia Clinic Heinrica Avenue Karen Park 0118

Dr A Mbele
012 304 1801
Department of Obstrac Gynae H45 Old main Building Palm Court Grooteschuur Hospital 7973

If you are a gynaecologist in the Pretoria area, please contact us so we can add you in!

How to Find a Good Gynecologist in Pretoria

In order to choose a gynecologist in Pretoria, you really should give it some thought, because you really should pick someone whom you are comfortable with. You should be comfortable enough with them to share personal things about yourself, things that are potentially embarrassing to talk about.

  • You have a choice on whether you are going to go for a woman gynae or a male. Most women prefer a female one, because they get most of the issues that another woman would go through and experience. your choice may be different, so think about it carefully!
  • Your female friends are there for a reason, so talk to them about these issues. Talk to them about what you are looking for in a gynecologist, and they might have already have one that can suit your needs and your budget. This is not to say that you have to use the same one as your friend, but it will help with your research. Also, compare with your friends about what they are paying, what medical aid they accept and where they are based.
  • Get to know which gynecologists can you have access to, that are based where you live. Make a list of them and find out what you can about them. Also, as you learn about them, find out if your medical aid will cover you, should you decide to use them.
  • I am sure there are things that you may want to know, or are not clear about. So, you should ask any questions regarding those things, such as, would you still be able to consult after their mainstream operating hours, where they studied, how long have they been practicing etc.
  • Make sure that their qualification is valid, and that they have a clean record.
  • Once you are happy with the list and the preliminary research, it is time to make some time and meet them face to face.


Finding a gynecologist in Pretoria that you are happy about is crucial! So, make sure you do your research thoroughly.

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