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Looking for a gynecologist in Johannesburg for your teen? Here are some pointers to make sure that the trip goes swiftly, with very little anxiety.

For years, it was encouraged that women need to see a gynea only after they have been sexually active, or at least till they turn 21. There is nothing wrong with sticking to that, however, the sooner a teen girl or young woman sees a gynecologist, the better it will be for them.

First, it will be a good idea to talk to your child about what you are about to do and the intentions behind. Explain what a gynae does , and why you want her to see one. It is important to find out if she is sexually active, so that you can educate her and cover the important topics as they arise.

Prepare her for that first trip to the doctor, and possible topics of discussions that may arise. For a first visit, she can talk about sex, without her mom or dad, which can get her to open up even more. Vaccinations may also come up for reproductive health or certain conditions, and the gynaecologist will also be interested in her sexual history or if it exists.

You are free to suggest certain doctors, but it would be great if she had the freedom to choose the doctor that she wants to see. Or at least, let her have a say in it. Your gynae may be the best in your eyes, because of all that they helped you with, however your teen may want someone less old, and who is more in touch with the younger generation. If she is not keen seeing the same gynecologist that you are seeing, give her that freedom to see someone that makes her more comfortable.

Doing some research might help quite a bit, you can even talk to some friends that have daughters the same age as you or who have a gyne for their children that they can recommend. You can even ask your gynecologist if they might know someone who prefers or specializes in teen girls, some research will give you a few names that you can start with.

The final stage in finding a gynecologist in Johannesburg for your teen will come in the form of an interview with some of the gynae’s that you find. Ok, maybe an interview sounds a bit hectic, but I am sure you will want to sit with them and have a conversation. See if it is someone that you like to be in contact with your child, find out their views on pregnancy and preventing diseases. Find out what the first visit will be like and share other things about your daughter.

Finding a gynecologist in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa should never be an impossible mission. With the right research and asking around, you just might find someone that your teen likes, that you also like.

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